Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bob's continued fashion tips..

Yes, I must get my blog sorted out. Will I be political/cat/movie trailer (Nah... Cynical-C has that all wrapped up) or 6-7 crazy stories from around the world (Nope.. Nothing to do with Arbroath has dibs)... so what? Ah screw it, have some more fashion tips. WHAT NOT TO WEAR (if you feel there may be a chance of being arrested that day)
Yep.... true it was the police officer's fault YOU got caught.
Okay... all bets are off with this one; throw him in a cell and full body cavity search whilst we check the car's glove compartment and spare wheel well for traces of midgets.
Gotcha! We're wasting our time putting you on the 12-step so straight to the slammer with you then.
EVEN more suspicious considering this was July.
The fact he possibly was about to try and emulate his favourite episode of MILF hunter requires that this man gets a good beating or a hose down... or both.

Hope this helps you all out.... assuming anyone else owns these T-shirts (you know who you are... dirty sods!!) More bad dress sense here.

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