Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mind of a 2 year old

Sometimes I wish I could look at things the way my 2 year old looks at things. Trying to find new ways of using everyday items... like this fetching Bag-hat.

What do I do if I am approached by the police?

Good advice!

This made me laugh

POLICE are investigating the theft of more than 500 truckloads of sand from
a private beachfront property in Jamaica.
Illegal sand mining is common in
the island's east, with the sand sold for use in building.


I lived in Montrose when I was young and the signs at the beach clearly stated that removal of the sand was illeagal. My wife (who also lived there) had to stay on look-out duty whilst her dad "stole" some sand for her sand pit at home.

My family were more honest and bought builders sand for my sandpit from the local Jewsons. When I asked my dad why he just didn't go to the beach and get sand, he said that the beach sand was too light and would just blow away... Years later when I asked my wife if her beach sand blew away, she said, "No".