Thursday, 26 March 2009

Obey the rules

Another thing I did for B3TA (yes it seems like that's all I do these days) So anyhoos
The image challenge was: taking instructions from the net you had to then alter them. I think the Duck Fisting was popular with the B3TANs... (the Zalgo thing is just...annoying) It does bring back memories of going to the swimming pool in Montrose and as I stared at the notice I would wonder what "petting" was... the salad days of innocence.

BTW here's The original

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Mummy where does candy floss come from...?

Click picture for readable

I guess I'm well on my way to being a B3TArd... but then I thought I was a blogger at one point (and my interest began to fade). I just don't know what to do with my life anymore...

Monday, 16 March 2009

9am this saturday: don't miss...

Will the comedian get that kiss?

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Calvin the teenager...

Chuck it on the bonfire like that Velvetine rabbit (sorry if I spoiled the ending of Velvetine rabbit for you)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Bob's upcoming feature...

The battle of the Jonnies... hmmm... that sounds just wrong.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bob's Bwa ha ha of the day...

Clash of the Titans

For my 201st post I give you...

My son Toby aged 3 and 3months vs. Old Plastic tub containing toy tools.

C'mon there my son you've got to want it: Eye of the Tiger!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Up your's stupid frat boy....

Easy to understand: 3 simple DON'Ts about chopstick etiquette.

Monday, 2 March 2009

An old toy in the attic... wtf?

Mini Mouth: Do you have a quick mouth? See how many balls you can cram in time!

  • 2-0 A swallow
  • 5-3 A Gulp
  • 7-6 A Mouthful

The weird games you find in the attic toy box... like this little gem. If I didn't show you the picture would you have thought I was writing about one of those pervy 80s computer games (like Custers Revenge)? If it was an Atari cart game though, would you think it could be called Deep Throat: the Revenge or Slutty little Ms. PacMan goes to town?

You all have very dirty minds!

Twitter... in a nut shell...

Click the pic for a bigger pic

Not being a big fan of Twitter you can say I'm being bias ... and of course you'd be right. Still doesn't change the fact that Twitter has fallen into the wrong hands... the mass populace. I'm going by the principle that 80% of anything is composed of shit/white space/boredom/morons etc.. thereby making mostly anything majority shitty. Take this blog for example; I have to slack very hard to keep my shit content level up to 80%.

Twitter is 20% non-shit though and I don't have to tell you that. I just can't seem to find that part of it at the moment.

Sunday, 1 March 2009


From the 80s comes the USA VHS cover art for Warriors of the Wind. The Miyazaki (of studio Ghibli, Spirited Away fame) classic that was badly dubbed and trimmed of .... wait for it... NOT the violent bits, but the slow bits. If I was still a tweenager then hell yeah I'd be all for trimming off the fatty story bits of any cartoon! But, because I'm an adult that still watches cartoons I'm shocked (in a nerdy OMFG WTF way) that the plot could be butchered: I love this movie and I loved the manga even more so. I digress, if anything is worth shedding tears over then its tears of laughter, over this cover art.

  1. There are no robots in this film... and especially NO ROBOTS WITH LASER ARMS.
  2. There are no scenes with people riding spice worms from (the film) Dune. I will concede that it bears a passing resemblance to the GOD WARRIOR in the film... but, wisely, nobody rides it.
  3. A Pegasus? There are no horses in this film... and especially NO WINGED HORSES.

This picture (of princess Nausicaa) is the only art required on the cover: except they've removed her trousers...? A popular myth about this film was that the princess wore no pants... but that's myths for ya.

Gawd bless you USA for your awsome 80s VHS/GAME/RECORD covers that in no way refelct the quantity/quality of what lies in store for the hapless consumer. You jaded a generation of kids... you yuppie ad-exec scumbags!

Bob's Deletionpedia page of the day

The Burlington Bay Ghost (deleted 25 Aug 2008 at 09:21)

The Burlington Bay Ghost Back in the 1800s, a young man worked with two shipmates who were not so fond of him on a cargo ship. One day, while he was working, he lost his footing and his leg got caught in between the dock and the ship. He tried pulling his leg out and asking his shipmates to help him. Unfortunately before he got his injured leg out, the ship came into the dock and completely crushed his leg.

His shipmates, who did not much care for the young man, simply picked him up and abandoned him behind a tavern. The mans bloodcurdling screams could be heard throughout Burlington Bay. The tavern owner heard him and went to investigate, only to find a young man on a bench screaming in pain with a bloody, crushed leg. He took him into the tavern and laid him on a table, called the doctor and waited with the young man. The doctor arrived, assessed the situation, and decided to amputate.

With only the simplest of tools, a saw, and no anesthetic, the young man was in even more pain as the doctor sawed off his leg, right there in the pub. After completely amputating the young mans leg completely, the poor man died.

If you're walking along the shore of Burlington Bay on a foggy morning, you can still see an old cargo ship, and hear the bloodcurdling screams of the young man who died. Sounds like a promise?


I got this story of the show "Creepy Canada", and I give all the credit to them for my knowing this story, because otherwise I would not have ever even believed in ghosts.

NO, you don't reference ghost stories! If you are seated around a camp fire telling the type of story that makes grown men wet their tighty-whiteys... you don't reference your material (certainly not "Creepy Canada"). If you must; then use,"When I was told this story by a man who in the Burlington Bay bar I laughed at him... but when he left the table he was hopping... ON ONE LEG.... torch under face BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!"