Sunday, 1 March 2009


From the 80s comes the USA VHS cover art for Warriors of the Wind. The Miyazaki (of studio Ghibli, Spirited Away fame) classic that was badly dubbed and trimmed of .... wait for it... NOT the violent bits, but the slow bits. If I was still a tweenager then hell yeah I'd be all for trimming off the fatty story bits of any cartoon! But, because I'm an adult that still watches cartoons I'm shocked (in a nerdy OMFG WTF way) that the plot could be butchered: I love this movie and I loved the manga even more so. I digress, if anything is worth shedding tears over then its tears of laughter, over this cover art.

  1. There are no robots in this film... and especially NO ROBOTS WITH LASER ARMS.
  2. There are no scenes with people riding spice worms from (the film) Dune. I will concede that it bears a passing resemblance to the GOD WARRIOR in the film... but, wisely, nobody rides it.
  3. A Pegasus? There are no horses in this film... and especially NO WINGED HORSES.

This picture (of princess Nausicaa) is the only art required on the cover: except they've removed her trousers...? A popular myth about this film was that the princess wore no pants... but that's myths for ya.

Gawd bless you USA for your awsome 80s VHS/GAME/RECORD covers that in no way refelct the quantity/quality of what lies in store for the hapless consumer. You jaded a generation of kids... you yuppie ad-exec scumbags!

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