Monday, 22 December 2008

Bob's YouTubeIslam video of the day....

Todays video by SamiR (from North Carolina)

Questions for Athiests

Thank you SamiR.

Questions for atheists *LINK IF VIDEO NOT WORKING*

I did like his questions to "my atheist friends". How can it be? Can you explain?:

  • Order comes out of an explosion.
  • Sand will evolve into bricks, into walls, into squares and "maybe a Jacuzzi if you're into that"
  • The moon has no intellect, but more intellect than your average atheist.
  • It's obnoxious NOT to believe in Allah.
  • Explain venus fly-traps... (has this guy never heard of wikipedia?) and it's "extra-curricular activity".
  • Kiwi bird!!! How can you evolve to flightlessness.
  • Most serial killers are born to Christian families (so what's that got to do with atheists?)
  • So many suicides with the atheists.

As I said before... Thank you Catholic Google for introducing me to YouTubeislam.

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