Sunday, 24 May 2009

Can you improve on the humble tampon?

^Click it and you might be able to read it

More B3Ta tosh and pish for you. The image challenge task was suitably vague and undoubtedly misinterpreted by myself and 85% of the B3TA board: "Reinvent the wheel". The image challenge was suggested by Happy Toast.... but he failed to clarify what the chuff the challenge was about and also failed to post anything close to matching his usually high calibre of WOO!

I failed to make the front page (again) but I still haven't turned to drinking myself into a stupor. This weeks challenge is: Make a picture out of letters.... NUTS to THAT (so this will be a week off from B3TA... and my 1st image challenge I have dodged).

Is the rot setting in?

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