Monday, 27 July 2009

Just recovering

Where is my head?

I'm back on the net after a little absence (to make your heart grow fonder...of course). I picked a bad time to come back; as the B3TA image challenge this week was "Kitten Sport"... So, after everyone had exhausted every permutation of a kitten in place of a ball, a kitten's head plastered on a sportsman or computer ports plastered on a kitten... I swanned in with this effort.
I think we can all agree that nothing more needs to be said (lets keep those comments at zero people).

I've never actually eaten a Ritter Sport because I had a Middle class upbringing and we generally frowned upon splashing out £1 for a 2" biscuit. I see it as an aspirational thing that once it gets to the attention of the masses we will see Chavs flaunting their Ritter Sports and Rap stars including them in their rhymes:

I can't believe in a gurl mo fitta
I wanna do yo now in yo shitta
Then we kick on back and eat a Ritta (sport)

I'll probably buy a Ritter Sport gift pack for this years Christmas and hang them on my tree... to show off to the neighbourhood.

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