Friday, 9 January 2009

Bob's Deletionpedia page of the day...

Crinkle Cut Jones (deleted 22 Apr 2008 at 05:22)

Jameson "Crinkle Cut" Jones is the generally credited with inventing the so-called "crinkle cut" french fry. Prior to his invention, all french fries were either cut by hand from a potato or run through a grid to cut a uniformly straight fry. Crinkle Cut Jones, as he came to be known, wanted a more visually interesting fry to distinguish his from his competitors. While not a popular as straight cut or steak fries, the crinkle cut has a good portion of market share and is beloved by many. Thanks to the innovations of Crinkle Cut Jones, we all have a little more french fry variety in life to be thankful for.

Um... what? I want to believe this and I also want Crinkle Cut Jones to appear on a bag of crinkle cut chips (fries) in the same way Tony the tiger does: "Theeeeeeere.... Crinkly!"

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