Saturday, 10 January 2009

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Ding-isms (deleted 06 Aug 2008 at 11:23)

Ding-isms (noun)

  • 1) an ism is something done in an act of ding.

Ding-isms are named after the famed Lord Ding, a muppet if ever there was one.

one example of ding-isms is seeing apparitions of the dead, in a similar form to Jesus walking on the water in the Sea of Gallilee, The Ding-ism of seeing a dead ghost walking on the Newcastle Boating lake has appeared several times.

Other forms Ding-isms can take is Ding-Fu - a legendary fighting skill developed and honed over time where much Like Bruce Lee's legendary Jeet kune do combat form, Lord Ding was able to pre-empt grabs and gropes coming his way, and even able to ward off multiple attackers at once.

Ding-isms can take many forms, many with biblical references and connotations. from likening himself to Judas by accepting 30 pieces of silver betraying his lord, and cohorting, with Casper McAneenaw, to being the proverbial man about town attending many wakes, funerals and weddings, seemingly at random. Legend has it that when the great Lord Ding was on Holiday with his civil parner no-hair in Gay Capital of the World: San Fransisco where he bought a local newspaper, went directly to the births, deaths and marriages section, and seen that a funeral was taking place for an italian man, so Lord Ding attended it, just for the egg and onion sandwiches and tea afterwards.

Everywhere I turn on the interweb, I bump into some mentalist...

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