Thursday, 22 January 2009

Who doesn't loves a conspiracy...?

Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870, also known in the Italian media as the Ustica Massacre ("Strage di Ustica"), was an Italian flight that suffered an in-flight explosion while in route from Bologna, Italy to Palermo, Italy. June 27, 1980.

Some of the Italian Air Force officials who might have known about the disaster's background died suddenly.

* August 3, 1980: Col. Pierangelo Teoldi, was nominated to become Commander of Grosetto AFB, but had not yet assumed command as of date of death - Car accident.
* May 9, 1981: Maurizio Gari, Poggio Ballone air defense radar controller - heart attack at age 37.
* March 20, 1987: Licio Giorgieri, Italian Aircraft Registry Commander - killed by a communist terrorist group. (see it:Unità Comuniste Combattenti)
* March 31, 1987: Mario Alberto Dettori, Poggio Ballone air defence radar controller - suicide by Hanging.
* August 12, 1988: Ugo Zammarelli, Cagliari Italian Army Intelligence's Service Cagliari Section (see it:SIOS) - hit and run by motorcycle.
* August 28, 1988: Mario Naldini and Ivo Nutarelli, Italian Air Force strike pilots crossed Flight 870s path on June 27th over Tuscany - mid air collision during the 1988 Ramstein Air Show.
* February 1, 1991: Antonio Muzio, Lamezia Terme control tower Marshal - murdered, culprits unknown.
* February 2, 1992: Sandro Marcucci, Italian Air Force 46a Aerobrigata Pisa pilot - air crash during a wildfire firefighting operation.
* February 2, 1992: Antonio Pagliara, Otranto air defence radar controller - car accident.
* January 12, 1993: Roberto Boemio, Chief of Staff, 3a Air Region, Italian Air Force - knifed during a robbery.
* November 2, 1994: Gian Paolo Totaro, Italian Army Major medic - suicide by hanging.
* December 21, 1995: Franco Parisi, Otranto air defense radar controller - suicide by hanging.
* April 4, 2002: Michele Landi, IT consultant for the Italian government and for the same Procura that was on the Itavia 870 case - suicide by hanging (soon after he revealed he had come in the possession of information regarding the incident)

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