Tuesday, 4 November 2008

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Jenny Henderson (deleted 17 Apr 2008 at 22:00)

Jenny Henderson (born c. 1980) is a controversial actor, singer-songwriter and lesbian activist from Portobello, Edinburgh.
Henderson began songwriting as a result of being held under house arrest by her parents for persistent shoplifting. Her singing received a complete lack of interest from anyone. Despite the discouragement of her parents, Henderson began performing in various cafes and youth hostels in the Edinburgh area. She eventually financed her own album entitled Touching myself on Tuesdays, which features lyrics inspired by Henderson coming to terms with her lesbianism.
She embarked on an Nc in performing arts at Edinburgh's Telford College, but was expelled after the use of full frontal nudity in a contemporary dance project.
Deciding to create her own work, Henderson wrote a musical called "Rubbin'" about lesbian bus drivers at a Portobello terminus. The show ran for six performances at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe festival to largely negative reviews, however the Edinburgh Lesbian Gazette called the piece "a highly entertaining and moving musical portrayal of contemporary Scottish homosexual women". Others were not so impressed, the Edinburgh Theatre press said the piece was "not only insulting lesbians and bus drivers, but to anyone with the intellectual capacity to get themselves dressed in the morning".
In 2006 Henderson formed a friendship with transgender poet and folk singer Bintie McBain. Together they embarked on an extensive tour of small venues throughout Scotland, often meeting with hostility from the locals, particularly in Oban, where a dead sheep was left on the roof of their transit van.
Henderson's next project is a play based on the life of notorious Portobello serial killer Rampant Annie. Annie terrorized the community in 1890 by suffocating unsuspecting fishermen after intercourse. The show is due to be premiered in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve 2007.

I've never been to Oban but I'm sure they look after their sheep better than that. Oh, if only even one sentence of this entry was true: all pure fiction I'm afraid, alas.

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