Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Final Fantasy XII stole my life...

For the last, gawd knows how long, I've been trapped in a game of FF12. Normally I get the latest FF game a year after it's been out and it can be found lining the bargain bins of every games shop. I find that by the time a FF game has been out for a year... there will be oodles of game guides available on the internet.

I only joined the FF series at part 9: So my only experiences are of parts 9, 10, 10.2, 12 (No online adventures for me, I survived WoW... and I'm never going back to a MMORPG again!!). What I've found is; at some point (normally half way through a game) a FF game will stop being a new exciting experience and start becoming a monotonous grinding chore. A grind-tastic chore which can only be relieved by getting your hands on a game guide.

I must be at that point... hence my escape to the blog to get a break away from the game. BUT, dropping out of a FF game can be fatal: I have a Dragon Quest game (made by FF makers Squaresoft.. therefore it's just a FF clone) that began to bore me and now lies unfinished. No big deal? I see it like an unfinished book... I want to get rid of it but can't until I finish it.

I'm just not the guy that walks out of a bad film, stops reading a bad story or gives up on a FF game....


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