Thursday, 6 November 2008

Crazy sparky iz under your Merc cuttin your brake cabelz

Bob The Builder (No!! Not me; but some lovable children's fable about a tradesman who does jobs for fun and free... yeah, crazy sh*t!)

A MAN who cut the brake cables on a woman’s car along with the phone line running from her house was jailed at Perth Sheriff Court yesterday.
Andrew Small (45) will spend eight months behind bars after a sheriff said the potential consequences for his terrified victim— who drove 10 miles in the vehicle—did not bear thinking about.

The court heard how Small, who was described as suffering from depression at the time of the offences, held a grudge against the complainer and her partner as he felt he had not received sufficient payment for electrical work he had carried out on their behalf.

The complainer had attempted to drive away from her home in her car after realising the phone and TV were not working on the day in question.
However, she only got as far as the end of her driveway when she attempted to use the brakes and found they were not functioning properly.
Depute fiscal Robbie Brown described how she only managed to bring the vehicle to a safe halt by repeatedly pumping the brakes. She left the car where it was and walked back up the drive to collect her partner’s vehicle—another Mercedes.
“She drove a few miles down the road, then noticed the brake warning light was illuminated,” Mr Brown told the court.
“She continued to Auchterarder and took the vehicle to a local garage where a problem with the brake fluid level was diagnosed. It was topped up but on the way home the warning light again came on.
“In total the complainer drove a round trip of about 10 miles.”
Mr Brown said that on her arrival back home the complainer noted that the TV and phone lines to her home had been deliberately severed.
On looking underneath her car she further realised that various cables—relating to the brakes and power steering—had been interfered with.
“The complainer was extremely alarmed by all this and contacted the police,” he said.
Mr Brown said suspicion quickly fell upon the accused who was subsequently arrested.

I'm no fan of tradesmen: they make obscene amounts of money per hour and turn what should be a quick fix into a job that requires several days of tampering. Now I am seriously considering doing everything myself - regardless of making a DIY disaster. I'd like to think that even the worst botched job I can produce is better than Bob the Builder trying to assassinate my entire family.

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