Tuesday, 25 November 2008

GI Joe (Action Force in UK) list of crazy WMDs.

Original article here. Click pictures for bigger.

How COBRA managed to get pilots brave/drunk enough to man these "Battle Balls" is beyond comprehension. Needless to say if COBRA Commander was US president, then we'd be seeing a lot more Purple Heart decorated officers (and those soldiers would be in boxes decorated by the COBRA flag)

Not to be out done in the Drunk and Stupid department: Some COBRA dudes (With the help/hindrance of WWE rassler Sgt. Slaughter) have taken the boys out in a kick ass hydrofoil to do a spot of fishing. Baldy and Patch (Snake Pliskins good-fer-nothing brother) are seeing who can bag the most Nemos using explosive charges and bullets respectively. If Harbour Patrol had boats like this then maybe there would be less pirates these days...
If you ever played with this toy in your bath, SHAME ON YOU!

My eyes are melting!!!!! The goggles, they do nothing!!!! - final transmission from test pilot 4 whilst field testing the IMP.

The vehicle all COBRA agents would NOT like to pilot. Or for that matter be in front, behind or with in 50 feet of. When I look at this picture all I see is one very scared COBRA soldier looking for the right opportunity to bail and take up his uncle's offer of running the families fish gutting business.

I’m just imagining a movie based on Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising”, but using weaponry designed by the G.I. Joe weapons design team.

“Sir, we have a platoon of Buzzboars approaching our defensive lines in the Fulda Gap”“Mobilize the Armadillos, and get me a Vector Jet in the air - I need an overview of the battle”“Sir! Radar reports a flight of Night Ravens releasing pods!”“Goddammit! Get those captured Bubble Trubbles up there right away! Those poor riders in the Armadillos will be defenseless!”
God that would be awesome. You could have a poignant scene near the end where a volunteer Night Raven pod pilot spends one last night with his true love before heading off to certain death.

*Lovely little comment from the article I just had to show you.

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