Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthdays, Bugs, Breakages and Blues....

T'Was my birthday on 14th October (Tuesday)... I've been unable to get my laptop to co-operate since then (he just wont come to life.. hope it's not a portends). I have also had a heavy dose of the blues because my staff at work forgot it was my birthday: they neglected to give a card/say "Happy Birthday"/get a cake....

Hey, no big deal, right? Well, what about me getting their birthday's sorted out for the last 3 years?: Helping with cards/cakes and making sure they all get a birthday meal out (resteraunt of their choice and I pay for the lot) etc...

I guess it means:

  1. They forgot (Unlikely... it's on the calendar and we were talking about it recently)
  2. They hate me (Probable.. they do have a lot of dislikes)
  3. I'm an asshole (In general yeah I'd agree with that... *sobs*)

Happy Birthday to me.. *sniff*
Happy Birthday to me.. *whimper*
Happy Birthday dear... *snort* Bob the Mul
Happy Birthday.... to..... me....

Or it could mean they are a pack of selfish bitches who will never get anything from me again?

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