Friday, 3 October 2008

Repo man... looks familiar..

Maybe I'm not the only one saying this:

It looks like it has borrowed heavily (ripped the arse out of) the plot of Battle Angel Alita. I've only watched the trailer so I could be wrong here.....In a distant future, Earth is a mess and we focus on a city of the Have (super rich) and the Have Nots (scum like you and me) FOUND IN BOTH FILMS. The cost of organ replacement/cybernetics is generally out of reach of the Have Nots ( SPINE THEFT is a growing crime in Alita). Our protagonist’s protector turns out to be a “Repo man” (in Alita a “Bounty Hunter”)… revelations and revolutions follow.
I bet I’m not the only one thinking they’ve thrown in the Moulin Rouge musical gimmick to draw in the Emo crowd and maybe salvage an OST worth flogging to the masses. EXCEPT I hear that their attempts at preventing file sharing of the OST ain’t going so well….
Click link to have a laugh, Torrent Freak explains their follies better than I ever could.

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