Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cocky Comedy ... what the!?

An artist's impression of a cocky guy

10 ways to charm a woman into bumping uglies with you (apparently):

10. Cocky Comedy defined: The purpose of Cocky Comedy isn’t to make a woman laugh -- it’s about making her feel ATTRACTION. Cocky Comedy is just the right mixture of cocky or arrogant and funny. Why this combination? Women aren’t attracted to lower-status men… and the cocky element implies you have high status. Healthy-minded women aren’t attracted to complete jerks either, and the comedy element keeps you out of the “complete jerk” category. If you can make a woman laugh at something you say that’s busting on her or is extremely arrogant-sounding, you’ve achieved a magical accomplishment. THAT is Cocky Comedy.

9. Mess with her: It’s critical that you switch the conversation from the normal mode to the “I’m messing with you” mode QUICKLY. To switch into this mode, give an overexaggerated compliment that can’t be real but seems way too serious; accuse her of stepping over the line and trying to pick you up in some way; complain about something in an overly serious way.

7. (Yeah, skipped 8) Push her into things as you’re walking (What the hell?). Hand her something but then don’t let go, and don’t grab something she’s handing to you. Steal her food or take the big piece. Swat her playfully with a magazine, napkin or whatever you can find. Thumb wrestle, tickle her… the possibilities here are endless.

The list goes on... (just the same kinda stuff)
Let me know if this works for you.

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