Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Why such a nice guy?

Being a child of the 80s and an owner of an Atari ST/Amiga 1200.... I missed out on the early console wars. I had my second childhood in the 90s and played my way through a lot of playstation/N64 games... then onto PS2/Dreamcast... yadda,yadda,yadda.

I never realised how different Nintendo's and Sega's views were on violence. Of course, I had heard about how Nintendo was more of a toy company and avoided bad press, like, upsetting families (American families moreso). I played a few games of Mortal kombat on the sega Mega Drive... but never played it on the SNES: Now I know what I was missing.. OKAY SEGA you're up first!!!

....and now SNES... funnly enough, if you say "snes" it does sound like an 80s version of "meh".

Pussies!!! Nintendo you may have censored the blood.. but we filled in the blanks with our evil little minds.


Mangawitch said...

Lol -I was the proud owner of an Atari 2600 and my sega megadrive still works....I still get the MK music kicking off in my head sometimes...

....and the deaths were the best around.

Bob The Mul said...

(Uni days) I had the joy of playing MK with two guys: Elvis and Alistair.
Elvis was notoriously bad (yet it was his Mega Drive) and if you defeated him too many times in a row he would launch the controller at the TV. This lead to myself and Alistair having to prompt one another when required, "Let the wookie win!"

Elvis was a funny guy. as in the funny "weird" rather than "ha ha".