Monday, 6 October 2008

Glasgow thief told: Stay out of Capital (oh...and he's blind)

A BLIND shoplifter has been banned from the capital after a 10-year crime spree.
George Hamilton - who has 96 previous convictions - faces jail if he turns up in any shops, bars or restaurants in Edinburgh city centre.
Hamilton, who uses a white stick, said: "I have to keep my nose clean and keep out of Edinburgh." The 49-year-old relies on his heightened hearing, touch and sense of smell to carry out his thefts.

Cheeky Weegie Thief (could be holding toilet paper for all he cares)

He was hit with a year-long ban from the capital following his latest sheriff court appearance for shoplifting.
Hamilton, who travelled from Glasgow for his raids, will be breaching bail conditions if he goes to the city. Last night, the cheeky serial thief said: "I was gutted when I heard the sheriff say that I was getting a ban.
"It's pretty unusual to be banned from a whole city. If the police see me on the streets then I will be going to jail. "I was going through to Edinburgh quite a few times - especially from November to December. "In the run-up to Christmas, the shops are busier. He was quite a stiff judge because I didn't expect this. "I have been banned from Marks & Spencer before for shoplifting but not a whole city. "I spoke to my lawyer and he said he never heard of it before. "I travel through to Edinburgh to make a living. I am well-known in the pubs in Glasgow for selling on nicked stuff."
Hamilton - who lives with his elderly mother in the East end of Glasgow - lost his sight in 1990 after doctors told him nerves behind his eyes were damaged.
He said: "I am registered blind and must be the only blind shoplifter in Scotland - I've been doing it for years.

The Crown Office confirmed Hamilton had been given the ban on September 15.
A spokesman said: "The accused pleaded guilty and sentence was deferred until September 15, 2009. The conditions of bail state that he must not go into Edinburgh city centre in that period."

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