Sunday, 10 August 2008

Bebo choosen as Earth ambassador - IT'S WAR!!!!

This week it was announced that documentary-maker RDF and Bebo, a 'social networking site' , are to use a big radio telescope in Ukraine to send a powerful focused beam of information - 500 messages from the public in the form of radiowaves - to a nearby star called Gliese 581.

A 'mere' 20 light years (120 trillion miles) away, Gliese may also be home to one or possibly two Earth-like planets.

I have a feeling that if there is a galactic equivelent to an ASBO, then Earth will receive it next week.

Here is an example from the 1st Bebo profile I just looked at...

One stormy night in November my crew went to rob this drug dealer they'd caught out in our turf. They wanted to rob him and make an example of him for selling shit on our patch. I went along coz i knew there was hard cash involved. I didnt care who it was... I was out for that dough. we jumped him quickly to make sure he didn't get a chance to use any weapons. I knocked him to the ground and started layin into him, dragged his hoodie off his head to get a picture of this so called 'top dealer' battered an bruised to bluetooth it to other dealers. that was our trademark.
big shout out to the Gliese westside massive!!!!

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