Saturday, 30 August 2008

I've been saying it for years.. Google maps... is pants!!

So, I've booked a holiday to Salou (in Spain) and I wanted to check out the hotel. I went to good old Google Maps and started looking but unfortunately the little helpful advice column down the left hand side kept pointing out random references to multiple locations. Out of 5 points that claimed to be Sol Costa Daurada Hotel, not one of them was pointing directly on top of the actual hotel. (The closest it got was the Hotel next door). But by squinting at the brochure and the satellite image I could figure out which hotel was mine by comparing the shape of the pool.
"Corporate cartographers are demolishing thousands of years of history - not to mention Britain's remarkable geography - at a stroke by not including them on maps which millions of us now use every day."
Is this just another example of how Google is getting lazy and sloppy now it is a market leader?

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