Monday, 4 August 2008

WORST super hero EVER!!!!!

NEW YORK -- He calls himself "Jimmy Justice," a self-styled "cop-arazzi," armed only with a video camera as he prowls the streets of New York looking for law enforcement officers who are breaking the law. His targets are illegally parked city government vehicles -- particularly cars of traffic cops blocking bus stops, sitting in "no parking" zones or double-parked. Cop cars blocking fire hydrants make him
particularly incensed.

Oh dear... with all the other injustice in the world... he's focused on illeagal parking!? So does he just delete the tapes of cops beating down perps or taking back-handers?


FixedXorBroken said...

police should be allowed in no parking zones, as should other emergency vehicles.

I wouldn't want to wait for an ambulance to show up because they were circling the block looking for a spot.

Bob The Mul said...


Unfortunately I know a few cops who regularly take liberties with their parking (even if it's just going to the shops for a sandwich.. they call it "community policing").

A guy like this would really wind them up :)