Saturday, 30 August 2008

Cyclists vs. Cars (to be honest it's more Hippies vs. Society)

Crazy Anti-Car Protesters - Watch more free videos

2007 - Video Result: ONE bike loss and TWO disabled pensioners severely verbally abused.

BONUS POINTS given to hippies for attacking with distressed kids.

OVERALL RESULT: BIKES LOOOOOOSE! Hippies end up looking like hysterical whiny teenagers.

Demonstrator Gets Run Over - Watch more free videos

2008 - Video Result: TWO bike losses (with questionable foot crush) much threatening of death to car driver.

BONUS POINTS: To overacting hippie who sacrifices toes for the cause. Also bonus points to random car driver woman who asks question "What is this about?".... and fails to get answer.

OVERALL RESULT: TIE overaggressive driver fails to win by hit and run tactics and hippies once again end up looking like hysterical whiny teenagers.

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