Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Taking the Mickey....

There was the time that Disney threatened to sue three Florida day-care centers for painting Disney figures on their walls. And this year, Disney did sue a home-based business for $1 million after a couple put on children's parties with ersatz Eeyore and Tigger costumes.
But when will they let go of Mickey Mouse?
Douglas Hedenkamp, a Georgetown University law student, examined copyright registration forms at the Library of Congress. He went to UCLA's archives and watched old shorts, noting the same cartoon title cards. He agreed: They revealed an excess of ambiguity.
Disney legal advisors were not amused. General Counsel Louis Meisinger wrote back that it would be "inconceivable that any modern court would find any confusion about the identity of the proprietor of Mickey Mouse cartoons."He even threatened Hedenkamp with legal action if the young scholar openly advanced such claims.

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