Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Oh yeah... finished that book a while back!

Sorry, I sort of let the whole thing slip my mind; probably because the ending was such a crushing disappointment. Yes it’s true, the last Dark Sun book ever was deemed non-cannon due the wild ending (no worse than the Prism Pentad’s). It was the last 4-5 chapters that fell on their face. I was nearing the end of the book and realised (with horror) that there wasn’t enough space left to continue the story of the Sorcerer king’s beginnings. I happily would have sacrificed the pointless sub-plots to learn more about Hammanu’s early Sorcerer King status…. But sadly that’s not likely to ever happen now.
I really wanted to know more about Yaramuke, Bodach and Waverly. So now it looks like I will have to use my own imagination to fill in the blanks (again). I might even post some of those ideas on here (although not sure if a blog is the right format?)
Anyway, loved the book… hated the ending.

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