Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Prison food sure is yummy...

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An inmate scheduled for execution in October says he's so fat that Ohio executioners would have trouble finding his veins and he might not be properly anesthetized.

HIS LAWYERS cite a document filed by a prison nurse in 2003 that said Cooey had sparse veins and that executioners would need extra time. Cooey is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 267lb, according to the lawsuit.
Cooey, 41, was sentenced to die for raping and murdering two University of Akron students in 1986. A federal judge granted him a last-minute reprieve in 2003. In April, he lost a challenge to Ohio's lethal injection process when the U.S. Supreme Court said he had missed a deadline to file a lawsuit.
Cooey's execution is scheduled for Oct. 14.
In his latest lawsuit, attorneys for Cooey say a drug he is taking for migraine headaches could diminish the effectiveness of the first of three drugs Ohio uses in its execution process. Cooey's use of the drug Topamax, a type of seizure medication, may have created a resistance to thiopental, the drug used to put inmates to sleep before two other lethal drugs are administered, That's a real concern for Cooey, his public defender, Kelly Culshaw Schneider, said Monday. "All of the experts agree if the first drug doesn't work, the execution is going to be excruciating," she said.
I'm neither 100% for or against the death penalty but if I had to find a way to end this killer's life
Hmmmm... how about up'ing the dose? No? Okay, well I bet he's going to hang quite easily, with all that weight, his neck would snap like a twig? Pump him full of amphetamines until October? If I'm finding it hard to sympathise with a rapist and murderer's plight it's just because I had a bad day.

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