Saturday, 27 September 2008

15 year old "psycho" get's a police caution

The student, who has not been named, attacked her maths teacher in front of staff and pupils at the Westwood Language College in Upper Norwood, south London.
She ran into the classroom and launched the assault - even drawing on her teacher's face with a marker pen.
The girl's mother had rung the school to warn staff earlier in the day that her unruly daughter was on her way in.
The teacher was hospitalised by the attack, but the ex-pupil only received a police caution.
A 15-year-old girl, who witnessed the incident, said: "She just went mental - the door flew open and she ran at the teacher. It was horrible - everyone was screaming.
"That girl is a complete psycho but she's really strong. She was on top of the teacher - no one could do anything."
Two male members of staff dragged the teen off the teacher as she punched her in the face and body, pulled her hair and drew on her face with a marker pen.
But when police were called the student - who had previously been transferred to another school for bad behaviour - was issued with just a caution after the incident last Friday.

So, that's just fantastic (another reason why I'm glad I didn't go into the teaching profession). I guess the police made sure the "psycho" girl was physically well, cautioned her, and then sent her on her way? THAT's what the police do.... if nobody complains (and honest folk in Britain are crap at complaining to the police). I urge the teacher involved to grow a spine and realise that the police are never going to bother unless you appoint a solicitor to sort out this mess. I bet you that the school will get more flak for this incident than the pupil ever will.

We paid for their hats!!!

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