Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Man denies (?) crashing van through police station.

THE TRIAL of a man accused of driving a van into Dunfermline police station got under way yesterday.
Scott Robertson (36), of Golfdrum Street, Dunfermline, denies culpably and recklessly driving a van across a pavement and car park, through a plate glass display window, across a corridor and into an internal wall, embedding the rear of the van into the wall and causing extensive damage at the station in Holyrood Place on May 1 last year.
The jury was shown CCTV footage of scenes inside the station around the time of the incident.
Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf asked police witness Hilary McKinlay, “It might be suggested to you that reversing into a plate glass window was an accident. What would be your response?”
The officer responded that crossing an area that was “clearly marked no parking” then crossing “quite a wide pedestrian area” could not, in her opinion, be an accident.
Police Constable James Anderson told the court how he heard “the sound of a revving engine shortly followed by what seemed to be an explosion.”
He described seeing a transit van embedded in a glass corridor of the station.
Ms Yousaf asked if Robertson had said anything after the incident.
He was referring to numbers in relation to a code,” said Mr Anderson.
“A code in relation to the computer system at the police station.”
A "code" eh? So will this code open up the levels of Hell... or unravel the Matrix? Well we know he's barmy if he's denying doing it. This whole scenario seems like the start of a film... are they starting on national Treasure 3 already?


Anonymous said...

yes that was me you are describing here, im not barmy but apparently im nuts!!
if you want want to contact me (in in the nut house) the address is:

scott robertson
intensive psychiatric care unit,
stratheden hospital,

01334 652611


Bob The Mul said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Scott.

Anonymous said...

read this link


this is my story exactly

fatal errors on the crowns behalf you think? I KNOW SO!