Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hot Bloggers (well getting a little cold now)

I just can't keep away from Deletionpedia... so here's another piece of WebTrash.


Yep, that's the link if you feel brave enough to click... be my guest. It's just a site for posting pics of female "bloggers" and it looks like it's not been updated since early 2007. Why? I mean, if there are (real) females on the interweb then they better be good looking or that would just shatter my dreams. Obviously, since early 2007 all girls who have not been beaten by the ugly stick have left the Internet and are playing Wii or Nintendo DS OR this website was just a shallow piece of junk that ended when the owner got himself a girlfriend (or incarcerated)?

UPDATE: apparently the pic is Leah Dizon (No, I never heard of her)... she moved to Japan in 2006 and now is semi-famous... blah,blah. I don't believe she blogs anymore though.... ha!

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