Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Perth centre's decline.... sinks to new low.

DRUG USERS in Perth have been warned they risk being caught up in a high-profile training exercise that was launched yesterday.
From this week, St John’s Shopping Centre will be used as a training venue for police “sniffer” dogs.
PC Ron Anderson, Tayside’s dog training instructor, said, “I am delighted that management at St John’s Shopping Centre have offered us the premises to train in.
“Of course, should our dog handlers come across anyone committing a criminal offence, they will deal with it as they would any other crime.”
Centre manager Siobhan McConnell said, “This is a proactive initiative that will reassure retailers and law-abiding visitors to St John’s Shopping Centre that we are committed to ensuring this is a safe and pleasant place to shop.

Pffft.... I could name 60 substance misusers in Perth just off the top of my head. Pretty pointless exercise as the police know who to look for regardless of whether their sniffer dogs catch a scent. Considering the amount of shooting up in the centre's toilets, that's been reported in the local press, it will be a struggle keeping the two dogs out of the lavs.
As for the "deal with it as they would any other crime" statement.... I despair. Fines (for scum that don't even work) and 3 month jail sentences (for scum that will manage to get a fix in jail anyway) will never change the situation.
More people have to stand up to this and start acting as a community again.

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