Saturday, 20 September 2008

Even a publicist can't say anything nice....

On Friday, it emerged that Heather is suing her former publicist for in excess of £250,000 for breach of confidence and libel following a string of damaging articles in which Ms Elyzabeth painted Miss Mills as a heartless fantasist obsessed with fame and money, who allegedly leaked damaging information about Sir Paul during their divorce battle to tarnish his reputation.
The case, being handled by leading barrister Jonathan Crystal, is expected to be heard in the High Court within the next couple of months and Heather is not shy about putting her head above the parapet once more to do battle against this latest 'injustice'.
'For a long time I have tried to maintain the moral high ground by staying silent and refusing to respond to everything that's been said about me,' Heather tells me.
'I didn't want my daughter Beatrice, when she is 12 or 13, to read something upsetting which has come from me. I wanted to protect her, even though all these falsehoods are hurtful and devastating to me.
'Staying quiet just wasn't working, so I've decided I can't allow it to go on, otherwise all these falsehoods will be repeated over and over again.
'I want to do good things with my life. It's very tempting, when you have been through what I have, to simply disappear, but people won't let me, and I need to move on with my work.'
S'ok you have my permission to disappear. Yes, please continue to do your charity work just don't blow your own trumpet so hard.
Oh, and sorry for posting a story from THE FAIL but I think it's worth a read because reporter Zoe Brennan seems like a real bitch; no doubt all nicey nicey with nods and smiles during the interview BUT then throwing poo at the whole thing afterwards (like a crazed zoo primate).

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