Monday, 8 September 2008

Driving license FAIL!!!

A mother failed her driving test after splashing a man at a bus stop when she drove through a puddle, it was revealed today.
Michelle Kelly's examiner told her she should have stopped to exchange details because the
incident was technically a crash. Oh, for the love of gawd, It was closer to assault than a crash.
She was more than half way through her test when she went through the puddle and splashed a pedestrian in Blackley, Manchester.
Miss Kelly said: ‘I pulled in at the centre and the examiner said he’d failed me.
‘He then spoke at length about the splashing. I didn’t do it on purpose and didn’t really think that much of it at the time but he said it was a fault.
‘Apparently it constituted a traffic offence and he was treating it as a road accident.
‘He said I should have pulled over and exchanged details with the pedestrian.’
Well she could have driven ..... um, slowly through the puddle? She could have stopped to apologize? Oh why am I bothering...? This story is from the Daily Mail so of course it makes no sense.

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