Thursday, 11 September 2008

What's the opposite of a DRY HOUSE?

PLANS TO create a drinking den for chronic alcoholics in Perth are set to be revisited by the council.
Councillors believe the regular flouting of the town centre’s alcohol ban is tarnishing the Fair City’s image and they are prepared to investigate a number of options to ensure it is blighted no more.
The concept of a so-called “wet house” was first given consideration by the council and its partners in the 1990s.
Such a venue would provide chronic alcoholics, who are not allowed to drink in their evening accommodation, with a place to congregate and drink instead of the town’s streets.

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I don't think it will see much use by the target clients because drinking and binge drinking is still viewed as acceptable in Scotland. If society still condones drinking and there are more and more bars/clubs/off licences in town... it's a loosing battle. Attitudes need to change.
I love the irony of "wet house" because I'm sure it will be wet with urine and vomitus and need to be hosed down regularly every morning.
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