Sunday, 7 September 2008

Civil servants ..... acting like children?

Every single government department will be affected, including the Home Office, the education and transport departments as well as the Department for Work and Pensions.
The Public and Commercial Service (PCS) union general secretary Mark Serwotka said that despite claiming to be on the side of hard-pressed families, the government nevertheless compounded the financial misery for hundreds of thousands of hard working people by pursuing an "unjust pay policy".
He said: "Our members have grown increasingly frustrated by the government peddling the myth that they are the causes of inflation when they see their food, fuel and housing costs soar.
"Faced with pay cuts, pay freezes and increasing financial hardship, civil and public servants will not tolerate the government's approach to pay which is disproportionately hitting some of the lowest paid in the economy."
I think I'd struggle to find an example of a civil servant on MINIMUM WAGE (if such a thing exists). Oh, I want to cry because this country is falling to bits and now some of the best paid (and best supported by a decent pension/health care/holiday package) workers are refusing to DO THEIR JOB! Obviously the main drivers behind this motion to strike will be the overpaid middle management types who have nothing better to do than attend meetings, issue circulars and redraft policy. It's time to kick these civil servants up the ass and make them realise that they've got it easy compared to the rest of the populous on: MINIMUM WAGE with NO PENSION and NO HOLIDAY PAY. If they strike, sack them, there are plenty people who will be eager to take their job (and do it better).

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