Sunday, 28 September 2008

PIRATES!!! It's Pastafarian's who I blame.

NAIROBI, Kenya —Pirates in a hijacked ship carrying more than 30 battle tanks were anchored off the coast of Somalia near a notorious pirate den on Saturday, and they vowed not to release the ship until a $35 million ransom was paid, Somali and Kenyan officials said.
According to Mohamed Osman Aden, a Somali diplomat in Kenya, the hijacked ship, a Ukrainian-owned vessel, was headed on Saturday afternoon to Xarardheere, on the barren Somali coast. Xarardheere is an isolated fishing village that has thrived on organized crime and has frequently been used as a pirate hide-out and a place to keep seized ships.
Mr. Mohamed said that while the cargo in this case was extremely unusual — 33 Soviet-designed T-72 tanks and a large supply of ammunition and grenade launchers, all intended for the Kenyan military — the tactics were pretty typical.
These guys just want the money,” he said.

It's time to stand up to these Flying Spaghetti Monster fundamentalists. I call for a WAR ON PASTAFARIANS. Although on the plus side: this means if pirates are on the increase then global warming has reached it's peak.

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