Friday, 12 September 2008

You are a HOARDER.....

10. If someone asks a question about the Diana and Charles wedding, you delve through your newspaper towers for the answer.

9. You separate your clothes by when you bought them, starting with back-to-school ’86.

8. You refuse to throw away mail—even those credit card application letters—because you never know when you may need it. (Maybe you can write grocery lists on the back/scrap paper for kids doodles.)

7. You find a nasty moldy jar with a spider's nest in it. Even though you have more than enough containers you think, “I might want to make jam some day.”

6. When you upgrade your electronics, you put the old item in a “just in case I need it” pile—which still holds a Betamax player and a Grandstand Firefox game.

5. At the bookies/post office/pharmacy they never have any pens to fill out forms with because YOU took them with you the last time.

4. Your boss asks you to take some picture frames/motivational posters/blue tack sculptures/holiday memorabilia home, because your cluttered desk is hurting productivity—for the entire office.

3. Your not sure if you have a pet anymore.

2. Your car’s glove compartment holds a decade’s worth of grocery lists, fast food wrappers, and empty Tic Tac containers. There are 7 magic trees hanging from the rearview mirror and you are scared to put your hand under the seat. You have a lovely collection of dead wasps/flies/cockroaches on your dashboard and the seat makes a crunching crispy noise when you sit on it.

1. You’ve never done spring cleaning because there are no visible surfaces in your home and the dust cloud you would kick up would be treated as a toxic emission by your local environmental agency.

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