Tuesday, 2 September 2008

No more have-a-go heroes, anymore.

Crime has become so "nationalised and politicised" that the home secretary and the prime minister are held responsible for every assault, says the report.
"Maintaining lawfulness should be seen as part of the duty of every citizen," it says.
This attitude seems to be borne out by the response when people were asked if they would personally intervene and challenge a group of teenage vandals.

Six out of 10 people in Britain said they would be unlikely to step in, whereas in Germany six out of 10 people would intervene, says the report.
Most Britons, it says, believe
tackling anti-social behaviour is the job of the police, while in other countries it is seen as the role of parents, teachers and the community.

I hate misuse of statistics! How many Germans/English did they survey (article states "about 1000"), but what was the results for different ages/social background etc…. (the list goes on)? Even worse, is the possibility that the DAILY MAIL will take this story and run with it.
I’m waiting for… “Britons would rather stand by and witness a child raped by an illegal immigrant than do anything to stop it”…. I’ll update when the Mail runs the story.

........ 9.15pm....... no Mail interest in this story (I did find out that Ulrika Johnston is thinking about reducing her breast size). At the blog section PETER HITCHENS was bumping his gums about illeagal immigrants.

I feel defeated and dirty now (think I'll have a shower).

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