Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Red Bull is VERY bad for you (my worst nightmare..)

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Just one can of the popular stimulant energy drink Red Bull can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people, Australian medical researchers said on Friday.
The caffeine-loaded beverage, popular with university students and adrenaline sport fans to give them "wings", caused the blood to become sticky, a pre-cursor to cardiovascular problems such as stroke.
(Well, I don't have the energy of a student/adrenaline sport fan that's why I drink the crap)
"One hour after they drank Red Bull, (their blood systems) were no longer normal. They were abnormal like we would expect in a patient with cardiovascular disease," Scott Willoughby, lead researcher from the Cardiovascular Research Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, told the Australian newspaper.
Red Bull is banned in Norway, Uruguay and Denmark (and France too.. I thought) because of health risks listed on its cans. Willoughby said Red Bull could be deadly when combined with stress or high blood pressure, impairing proper blood vessel function and possibly lifting the risk of blood clotting.
Well I certainly get stressed from time to time... so I'm boned! I also can't afford to drink Red Bull so I imbibe a cheap generic supermarket copy (which is probably twice as bad). Oh christ on a bike, I'm drinking one NOW!

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