Sunday, 7 September 2008

Posting on Cynical-C is demeaning

The bastard(s) at Cynical-C has now included some kind of avatar above your posts. I can't quite figure out who is involved in this decision because I've spotted 4 people(members?) who have an avatar above their posts now. How/why/when? This is a vicious calculated move to separate the elite posters from the mundane everyday Joes (like you and me).

That gawddamnsonnavabitch Chris (above picture: notice the facist all black uniform) and a chosen few will now have their superior posts crowned by a glorious avatar. Where as, if I post, my shitty sub-par drivel will be stamped by a faceless drone image!? (I can't find out how you get an avatar...sob)


*Bob's boycott of Cynical-C begins..... with a pouty face* :(
That devilishly handsome demi-gawd of a man Chris has shown the minions how to make that avatar appear.
*Bob's boycott of Cynical-C ends.... with a happy face* :)


Chris said...

If you consider this a hate post you gotta check out some of my email. THis is a GLOWING review :)

(psssss, go to and you can post a gravatar. If you use the same email that you sign up to as you use to comment it will show up automatically.)

Bob The Mul said...

Awww nuts... I was hoping to drag this boycott out for more than a few hours (maybe a week) until I could figure out how to get an avatar. More importantly, an avatar that fits well with my curmudgeon attitude.

Oh, and thank you.